Marie Elomba ADEBIYI

Founder of Quality Smile Restores International Organization

Leisure Research Associate 

Single Kid Smile project promotes leisure and recreational participation, change leisure participation perspective, eliminate the constraint of pricing to leisure participation for orphans, expose kids and teenagers to every opportunity of smiling and laughter (NO STRESS, MORE SMILE), provides an opportunity for the less priviledge to build up a sense of belonging, give young teenagers some new career opportunities and build up self-confident for entrepreneurship.

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The Quality Smile Restores International organization (Q.S.R. International Organization)  is a non-profit organization. The organizational goals are: To Enhance Stress Reduction and  Promote Health and Wellness through Leisure and Recreational Activities. To attain this goal, different projects are strategically designed and managed by the organization. Feel free to browse into the different projects under the Q.S.R International Organization.


                                       SINGLE KID SMILE PROJECT.

Our major goal under the Single Kid Smile (S.K.S) Project is to replace “stress with quality smile”, to the orphans and the less privileged in less developed and developing countries around the world



Segment 1;Promoting Health and Wellness through Leisure and Recreational Activities:We are determining to improve the health and wellness of the less privileged and orphans through leisure and recreational activities, replacing their Stress with Smile. 

Segment 2;Career Network Mechanism program. We have a long term designed career training system for teen orphans (i.e. Qualitative training for an individual = Quality training to two individuals in the future.).The training phase of a career for each participants runs between one to two years.

Segment 3: Basic Indulgence and Intelligence Program. This is a leisure educational and recreation support program. (Teaching leisure skills, sports, basic educational support or sponsorship, opportunity)

Segment 4: Fight against House Slavery.
Every Child has his or her right and should have equal right to social interaction, play and education. We have yearly organized outdoor leisure and recreational events, career programs and educational programs for the orphan kids and teens, in different communities, which gets our members  and volunteers to be fully involve.

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